Zinc – Benefits For Men and Women

Like other essential nutrients required by the body, zinc is also one of the crucial components.

It has a lot of benefits for both men and women. The component is required by the body for numerous functions. Moreover, it helps the male and female body in maintaining sexual health.


Zinc is a well-known bio element that is responsible for healthy sperm production in males and maintains the estrogen level in females.

This article tells various health benefit of including zinc in the diet.

What is zinc?

Zinc is one of the vital minerals which has a crucial role in different functions and activities of the body.

It helps a lot in cell development, body growth, wound healing, and sensing abilities, and boosts the immune system. Moreover, it protects the body against free radical damage

Enormous food items are rich in zinc. So, you can include those food items to fulfill the zinc requirement. Also, numerous supplements help to be a good source of zinc.

Some interesting facts about zinc

As elaborated earlier, zinc is linked to many body activities, and has numerous facts. Some of its interesting characteristics and facts are as follows:

⦁ It helps a variety of enzymes to function properly.
⦁ It plays a major role in metabolisms like DNA synthesis, cell growth, and healing of the wound.
⦁ Some important sources of zinc are beef, oyster, dark chocolate, pumpkin seed, and spinach.
⦁ Zinc deficiency is responsible for several health problems such as skin rashes, hair loss, and weak immunity.

How Much Zinc Per Day?

For Adults over 19 years, the recommended dosage is 11mg per day for men, and for women its 8mg per day. Adults shouldn’t take more than 40mg per day. Its safe but usually it is also advised not to overdose it.


Zinc Vitamins

Zinc is also known as a Hormone stabilizer in both men and women. It balances hormones like testosterone, prostate, and estrogen in the body.

It also improves sexual health and acts as an antibacterial agent in the reproductive system of men.

Some of its sexual benefits for both men and women are:

For Men:
⦁ Improves Testosterone level
Testosteron is also known as “the Male Hormone” and plays a major role in keeping the reproductive system healthy and fertile.

A low level of testosterone results in numerous side effects, such as decreased libido, muscle mass loss, and severe erectile problems. A deficiency of zinc causes a noticeable drop in testosterone levels.

⦁ Prevent male hair loss
Receding hairline and severe hair loss is the main problem in men and is very common nowadays. It mostly happens due to poor dietary intake and hormonal imbalance.

In this case, zinc plays an essential role in maintaining scalp health. Consequently, hair loss reduces to a great extent. So, men need to include zinc or its supplements in their diet

⦁ Reduces prostate problems
Older males often face the problem of an enlarged prostate, which leads to several complications in males. One of the most important components of a healthy prostate is zinc.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory effects. It reduces the chance of the prostate attaining an enlarged size.

For Women:

⦁ Balance female hormones
One of the most important functions of zinc is to maintain female hormones. It helps the body produce a sufficient amount of estrogen and progesterone.

These two hormones are essential for women’s pregnancy and fertility.

⦁ Improve sexual function
Menopause is a phase that every woman faces in her life.

Zinc is responsible for maintaining the sexual function of a female body after menopause. So, both men and women need to include zinc in their diet.

⦁ Improved female fertility
Female fertility is the most important thing for any female to continue her family. However, numerous factors such as poor diet, poor lifestyle, and stress can affect it.

Zinc has proved to be a well-known source that helps women to improve their fertility by balancing body hormones and producing essential components required by the female body.

The Final Words

Zinc is a vital nutrient that our body requires in an adequate amount. It controls several life activities in both men and women.

It is also responsible to maintain the hormones in both genders. However, it is important to know that you should never consume supplements without a doctor’s recommendation.

So, never forget to see a doctor before consuming it or any other nutrient supplement.

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