Vitamin D3: Sources, Benefits And Dosage

Human body is made up of different kinds of elements that are the essential need of the human body for proper functioning and growth. There are a total of 16 bio elements which include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and many more. Every bio element has its importance which can not be fulfilled by any other compounds

Like other biological compounds, Vitamins are of great importance, and all human being on this earth requires these compounds for proper growth. Different kinds of Vitamin include Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B3, Vitamin D3, and many more. Here you are going to know a detailed review of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3: An Essential Vitamin

Vitamin D3 Chain

Vitamin D3 is one of the most important and biologically crucial vitamins needed by human life. Vitamin D3 is produced in the body when sunlight stimulates the vitamin-producing receptors. It is also present in different food and vegetables.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining bone health; however, it is also supreme in maintaining the immune system by providing essential nutrients to the body. This way, the biologically functional vitamin protects you from foreign particles that can weaken your immunity.

Nowadays, people are concerned about their exposure to sunlight, as rays from the sun are also very harmful, causing skin cancer. This concern has increased the deficiency of vitamin D3, which is affecting the Immune system. However, this problem has been solved by taking Vitamin D3-rich supplements and food.

Advantages of including Vitamin D in Diet

As mentioned above, Vitamin D has several benefits and advantages that make it the best choice to support overall health. To maintain normal health, it is necessary to include an adequate amount of vitamin D in the diet. This crucial nutrient has a lot of functions and benefits from maintaining bone health to providing strong immunity.


Maintaining the immune system


With the increasing risk of several diseases, it is necessary to have a healthy immunity to fight all harmful viruses. Vitamin D3, known as Cholecalciferol stimulates the vital peptides required to build immunity. In this way, this vitamin protects the body from several environmental hazards.

The deficiency of vitamin D3 can destroy the activity of immune system components such as B and T lymphocytes. The reduced activity of the immunity components increases the risk of several immune diseases. As soon as the Vitamin D3 deficiency begins, the T cells start looking for the vitamin. Unable to find an adequate amount of vitamin D3, T cells lose their efficiency to work properly. In this way, the immune system gets weakened and consequently, it does not work properly in protecting the body from environmental threats.

The knowledge is important for leading a normal life. Sometimes the excess of vitamin happens which also destroys the immune system. Everything is beneficial when it is in the required amount.

Stronger and healthier bones

Healthy bone

Bone health is extremely important at every age. Middle aged people are more likely to get in trouble due to weak bones. After the age of 40, majority of people start losing their bone calcium. So, it is very important to keep a proper check and balance of vitamin D3 levels to maintain bone health. The main function of vitamin D3 is maintaining bone health, as it is involved in the absorption of various nutrients and minerals which are beneficial for bone health. These nutrients include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sulfur etc.

Healthy heart

Heart Health

Heart health is the most important factor in leading a happy and peaceful life. If anyone has any issue related to the heart, then their life can become full of doctor’s appointments. The heart not only pumps blood but is also the key organ of the human body.

Most of the diseases related to the heart are caused by imbalanced cholesterol levels. Vitamin D supports the heart’s health by providing adequate amounts of cholesterol. This controlled amount of cholesterol maintains arterial health. It also helps the heart smooth blood flow from the heart to different body parts.

Along with vitamin D, vitamin K2 also perform an important role in maintaining the arteries’ health. Vitamin K2 helps the body to completely utilize the calcium to make the bones stronger and the heart healthier.

Sources of vitamin D3

Vitamin D is abundantly obtained from sunlight. Because of this, it is also known as the Sunshine vitamin in some regions. In addition to sunlight, you can also increase vitamin D consumption by taking several foods that are rich in vitamin D3. The food which is richly supplied by vitamin D3 is given below:

⦁ Egg yolks
⦁ Lichen
⦁ Cheese
⦁ Cod liver oils
⦁ Mushrooms
⦁ Spinach
⦁ Sardines
⦁ Seafood

By including these food items in our daily intake, we can fight the deficiency of vitamin D3.


Vitamin D3 dose can be measured in micrograms (mcg) or international units (IU). 1mcg of vitamin D is equal to 40IU.

Vitamin D3 recommended dosage is about 400-800IU per day. overweight and obese people may need higher amount of vitamin d3.

According to some studies, a daily vitamin D doses of 1,000–4,000 IU, or 25–100 micrograms should be good enough to ensure optimal blood levels in most people.

The Bottom Line
Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body. It supports our immune system and makes our bones stronger. It is necessary to meet the daily requirements of vitamin D to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

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