Stress And Anxiety – Causes And Solution

Stress And Anxiety

What Are Stress And Anxiety?

Stress is regarded as any demand that is placed on your brain or body. Stress is a condition that can easily be triggered by any special event or scenario.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, fear, or discomfort. This condition can occur as a response to stress, and it can also happen without any apparent reason. Both stress and anxiety have common symptoms. Some of its symptoms are below:

⦁ Insomnia
⦁ Digestive problems
⦁ Procrastinating
⦁ Difficult in handling the situation
⦁ Difficulty in concentrating on it
⦁ muscle tension
⦁ Anger issues

Almost everyone in this world experiences stress or anxiety at some point in their lives.

Stress and anxiety are not always wrong; they can also motivate you sometimes. However, excess stress can destroy your mental health.

Unmanaged stress and anxiety can disturb the daily life schedule. So, it is necessary to manage stress to live a peaceful life. This article covers everything you need to know about stress and anxiety.



Stress and anxiety can produce numerous mental and physical symptoms. These include

⦁ Dizziness
⦁ Anger or irritability
⦁ Migraines or headaches
⦁ Trouble sleeping
⦁ Feelings of restlessness
⦁ Change in appetite
⦁ Brain fog
⦁ Numbness

Difference Between Stress And Anxiety
A clear difference between stress and anxiety is that a specific condition or phenomenon often triggers stress. The sooner the situation is solved, the more you feel at ease.

We can understand stress from the example that we feel anxious and restless when we have an exam or any emergency. There is a specific root cause of stress in both these conditions. Once the exam is over, we can feel at ease again Feelings, it is wrong to think that stress lasts for a short time. It can also be chronic and can last for a long time, such as months or years. In this condition, a regular visit to a consultant is necessary to cope with the situation.


There are a lot of well-known causes that can trigger stress. However, there is no specific reason that can cause anxiety, as it is a feeling that can arise from anything, whether it’s bad or good.

Some causes that can trigger both anxiety and stress, Like;

⦁ Starting something new
⦁ Having an illness
⦁ Having someone very close injured
⦁ Experiencing something very traumatizing
⦁ Getting married
⦁ Starting a new family


stress girl

Sometimes stress or anxiety is just due to an event, and you overcome it when the event ends. However, if you face a prolonged stress condition then it can cause some conditions related to it, which are as follow:

⦁ Generalized anxiety disorder
This is a very common disorder related to stress and anxiety. It is characterized by severe uncontrollable tension and worries. In this disorder, people often try to worry about the bad thing that happened to their closed ones, or at other times, they do not find any reason to be stressed.

⦁ Social anxiety disorder
Some people are very anti-social, and when they try to be social, they just end up being stressed and anxious.

⦁ Panic disorder
In this condition, the patient continuously gets panic attacks which are moments of extreme stress and fear. It can cause shortness of breath or a pounding heart.
How to manage stress and anxiety?
It is common for everyone to deal with stress or anxiety. Every person whether they are rich or poor, young or old can feel such conditions. But there are a lot of techniques and strategies that can help you deal with such conditions.

It is important to know about your brain and body response in stress conditions so you’ll be able to tackle it more efficiently next time such a situation occurs.

Numerous strategies that can help to deal with stress and reduce anxieties are

⦁ Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake
⦁ Getting proper 8-hour sleep
⦁ Exercising regularly
⦁ Meditating
⦁ Eating a healthy diet to keep your brain fresh
⦁ Spending some quality time

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety. So, there is no need to worry about it. Several steps can help you stay motivated to tackle such conditions. However, if you experience prolonged and severe stress or anxiety, and they start affecting your daily life, then this is the time when you should seek medical help.