Sleep – Its Really Important For Good Health

We all know that life is not possible without eating properly, drinking enough water, utilizing oxygen, and doing the proper workout. Just like all these factors, sleep also plays a very important role in health and living a peaceful life.

Health experts agree that quality sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy life. It is beneficial for most adults to get a proper night’s sleep of almost seven to eight hours.


Benefits of Quality Sleep

When we are sleeping, our body performs a lot of healing and repairing processes. These processes affect almost every body part. Consequently, good sleep or inadequate sleep may affect the body mentally and physically. So, in order to have a calm morning, it is important to spend a peaceful night.

Quality sleep is directly linked with several health benefits which may affect our bodies. Some of its benefits are explained in the list given below:

⦁ Healthy Heart
Just like mental and physical health, Cardiac health is very important. When we sleep at night, our heart slows down and it decreases the pressure. It means that at night when we are sleeping, our heart and body are also taking some rest to perform in a better way in the morning.

Insufficient sleep may have an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system. Lack of sleep also causes an increase in blood pressure level which elevates the disturbance in the whole metabolism, increasing the risk of several heart problems, and myocardial infarction (stroke of the heart).

⦁ Deals with anxiety and depression


Anxiety and depression are the most common problems in most people of today’s generation. Using excess mobile phones and social media can elevate it. So, it is better to have a proper sleep schedule instead of using electronic gadgets. Quality sleep not only helps to save your time but also gives your mind peace and a relaxing environment.

⦁ Improved mental health
Sleep has been proven to help the brain in storing memory. It also helps the brain to perform better. According to the Brain plasticity theory, sleep is the most essential component to grow, make and restructure the brain to perform its activities most efficiently.

Sleep helps to improve the natural connection of the brain. Updating these connections during nighttime, sleep helps the brain to learn new things and create memories. It also enhances the brain’s concentration ability. In simple words, good sleep is necessary to enhance the productivity of individuals.

Lack of sleep can impart a negative effect on the ability to think, memorize, learn, and other such abilities. Your ability to think may quickly reduce to a minimum if you have not taken sufficient sleep for almost a week. No matter how occupied you are, it is crucial to take seven hours of sleep each night.

⦁ Healthy immune system
Different theories of sleep suggest that sleep repairs and restructures the body, making people feel better and refreshed in the morning. It has been scientifically proven that during sleep, the body produces different growth hormones. These hormones develop the body and improve immunity to a great extent.

The growth hormones released during sleep produce cytokinesis which is well-known to support and improve immunity.

⦁ Maintaining healthy weight
In addition to proper diet, scheduled workouts, and stress management, Adequate sleep is also vital in maintaining healthy body weight. This protects your body from getting obese.

During sleep, Leptin, a well-known appetite, and hunger suppressor are produced by the body. During the night’s little sleep, a sufficient amount of leptin is not produced which can make you feel hungry. as a result you can get fat.

Tips to get quality sleep


To get quality sleep and several other health advantages it is necessary to practice proper sleep as described by sleep experts. This practice is known as Sleep hygiene which improves the quality of sleep making it more beneficial.

Some tips and tricks to improve sleep quality are as follows:
⦁ Our environment is very important in every aspect, so if you want to have better sleep at night it is important to create proper sleep environments that are soft and relaxing to your mind.
⦁ A consistent sleep schedule is the most important tip to achieve the desired peace. Having a proper schedule makes your brain more fresh and active.

⦁ It is better if you avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, or high lipid-content food before bedtime. This tip makes it easier for our bodies to sleep peacefully at night.
⦁ Almost everyone uses electronic gadgets like mobile phones before bedtime. So it is necessary to put your phones away for almost an hour before going to bed.
⦁ Exercising makes it a lot better to have a proper and peaceful sleep.


A night of quality sleep is a great blessing and imparts many positive effects on our brain and body. Insufficient sleep may also cause some sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea, and narcolepsy. To lead a peaceful and productive life, it is crucial to sleep properly for almost 7-9 hours minimum.