Minoxidil For Hair Growth – Benefits And Side Effects

According to numerous research, it has been now confirmed that around 147 million people are falling for alopecia or may have a chance to develop it at some point in their lives.

Alopecia is a very common hair loss disease. Numerous people have struggled through this syndrome as a post-disease effect or due to some other causes. Alopecia is a severe hair loss that can make the head bald. With the increasing risks of Alopecia, several treatments have been developed to treat it. Minoxidil treatment is one of the well-known treatments for alopecia.

This article tells everything that you need to know about minoxidil for the treatment of alopecia.

What is minoxidil?


Minoxidil is one of the most common drugs used for treating alopecia. It is one of the two FDA-approved medicines for hair loss treatment and alopecia in males and females. This drug is marked as an effective vasodilator. Initially, a vasodilator was used to reduce hypertension as it helps in increasing the size of blood vessels. Later on, it was discovered that it can also stimulate hair growth.

Subsequently, it is marked as the best option to treat Alopecia, an androgenic disorder, in males and females.

Can we take it as an oral medicine?

Because of alopecia, oral minoxidil is gaining a lot of popularity. Many people use it to treat their alopecia. Although it is very beneficial, it has some health hazards related to health such as, can increase blood pressure even when taken in low quantities.

Types of Dosage.
⦁ The oral dosage
⦁ Topical dosage

Common doses of minoxidil are used to treat hypertension. However, dosages lower than standard are used to treat alopecia.
Normally, less than 4 mg dosage is useful in treating pattern hair loss. On the other hand, the topical dosage is in the form of liquids such as shampoos and conditioners to treat alopecia.

Oral dose and its effect on the hair

Oral minoxidil is the more common form of minoxidil intake. As described above, it is used for severe hypertension disorders as it allows the easy flow of blood, thereby reducing blood pressure. We can only get this medicine by doctor’s prescription, and it is safe to use it that way.

The main reason why doctors’ prescription is necessary lies in the fact that it is only used for severe causes. So, it is safe to get a professional recommendation before using it.

Topical dose and its effect on the hair


The topical solution is normally sold over the counter to treat androgenic pattern hair loss. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is used to stimulate hair growth in males and females. There are several famous brands of topical solution such as Tugain, Mini check, Regaine, and Mintop Forte.

Minoxidil performs its function by widening the blood vessel when applied. It is responsible for the opening of potassium channels which causes the hair follicles to open. It allows the channels to have more access to the several nutrients beneficial for good hair health. It also increases the production of prostaglandin which is a well-known compound in stimulating hair growth.

Pros and cons of using oral dose

Minoxidil are the most efficient in treating alopecia, so it has a lot of hair-related benefits. These benefits make oral minoxidil a better choice than topical one. Although there are numerous hair benefits of this drug, it has some side effects too.

⦁ Pros of oral dose
Researchers have confirmed that low-dose oral minoxidil is beneficial in stopping hair loss. You can see the visible results after using it by oral.

The most common side effect of using minoxidil was excessive hair growth. It also helps in normalizing high blood pressure and gives peace to the mind. Both topical and oral minoxidil is safe to use for alopecia, but oral minoxidil is considered more efficient for treating alopecia.

⦁ Cons of oral dose
Although oral minoxidil has some side effects, these are mild and treatable. These side effects can be treated naturally by the activity of enzymes present in our liver.
Some of the side effects of oral minoxidil include
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Vomiting
⦁ Bloating
⦁ Increased best beat
⦁ Sudden weight gain
⦁ Difficulty in breathing
⦁ Skin disorders

Who should avoid using it?

Everyone can use minoxidil if he is healthy and not facing any health condition. People who are suffering from pheochromocytoma avoid taking this medicine. pregnant women should also see a doctor before using any different kind of medicine. Also, people with any heart condition can avoid using it because it can be harsh sometimes. So it is always safe to see a doctor before starting it.


Alopecia is a poor hair loss disease that can be treated with the use of minoxidil. It is a well-known medicine that works properly for hair growth and treating hypertension. So, if you are also suffering from alopecia, you should take a prescription for minoxidil from the doctor.