Improve Memory – Basic Steps You Should Follow

Improve Memory

As our age increases we notice various changes in our overall health, memory issues is one of the major thing we notice, some time we forget even our close friends name, our own things, our daily routine work etc. Lets discuss some basic steps to improve memory.

Tips To Improve Memory

If you want to improve your memory you have to review your lifestyle and make some appropriate changes to improve memory. We can improve our memory naturally if we follow simple steps.

Drink Water

glass of water

As we know our body is approx 70% made up of water, and water plays most important role in healthy life. Staying hydrate doesn’t only keeps you away from health issues but it also gives you additional benefits, Water flushes toxins from our body and it improves our brain function. Brain is approx 80% of water itself, so if you keep yourself hydrated it will also benefit you in your mind health and keep your memory on its good track. So stay hydrated.

Good Sleep

sleeping man

Sleep is another big player in maintaining our health, some people dont take it serious and keep facing different health issues including memory losses. Our body requires good sleep to keep itself active and healthy, We all need at least 7-8 hours deep sleep or you can say “Sleep like a baby for 8 hours“. continues insufficient sleep may trigger various health issues including memory loss. So to keep your memory sharp, you should care about your sleep.

Healthy Food


You must have heard this term “You are what you eat”, eating healthy will keep your mind and body healthy. Avoid junk food which as they are major culprits in loosing overall health. use of nuts and other healthy fats will improve memory and all the brain functions. Eat healthy and you will feel the difference on your own.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

alcohol drink

Alcohol and smoking triggers major health issues like lungs infection, kidney damages, liver damages as well as memory issues. being hangover gives you big damages related to your memory, you may feel like loosing focus on everything when you are addicted to smoking or alcohol. To avoid these issues, stay away from using them, and you will feel the improvement in your overall health as well as your memory.

Stay Stress Free


Another simple but very important step to keep your memory good, you should avoid stress and anxiety, in our daily life we face different stresses and they really affect our health badly. being stress free is most important step for healthy life. once you succeed in this step, you will have good sleep, you can easily avoid alcohol and smoking.

Final Words

To improve memory you must avoid stress in your life, avoid hangovers to stay focused, Eat healthy food and consume enough amount of water in daily routine which will give you overall health benefits, and finally take care of your sleep.