Important of Amino Acids And Their Function

Among all other organic compounds, Amino acids are one of the most important organic molecules. Amino acid is the building block of all proteins when different amino acid molecules are linked with each other by the process of condensation.

What is Amino Acids?

As we all know that proteins are the most important biological nutrient. Aminos are essential for life because of their property to form proteins, which are involved in almost all biological activities.

When we look deep, we come to know that all the chemical reactions taking place are under the influence of proteins. Some act as antigens and protect our bodies from foreign particles, while some act as hormones. In nature, there are almost hundreds of different kinds of Aminos; However, there are only 20 aminos that are involved in the formation of biological proteins.

Amino acids are required by almost living organisms found on earth. Out of 20 amino acids, there are 9 such amino acids which are called Essential Amino acids. These essential amino acids are present in different kinds of food, so it is necessary to consume essential amino acids in food, such as eggs, beef, and fish.

Different Types Of Aminos

every amino acid has its importance in making different proteins. Our body makes aminos more than 20; however, it is unable to make the nine essential amino acids. It is necessary to take those amino acids from food. Here are the nine essential aminos:

The remaining 11 aminos are known as Non-essential amino acids. Our body is involved in producing the rest of the aminos. Examples of nonessential amino acids are glycine, glutamine, proline, and others.

Some of these non-essential amino acids are called conditional amino acids as per requirements. Mostly, when our body faces ill conditions, then the non-essential amino acids work as conditional amino acids and try to recover the body.

Important functions of Aminos
As we all know, our body uses different aminos to form proteins. The arrangements and number of aminos are involved in the determination of the function and structure of proteins. So, aminos are involved in many vital roles such as

⦁ Help in breaking down food and absorbing its nutrients
⦁ Involved in body growth by growing body tissues
⦁ Involved in maintaining a properly working digestive system
⦁ Builds muscles
⦁ Provide an energy source that drives out several reactions
⦁ Produces neurotransmitters

Adequate amount of aminos as per body need

There is no need to include aminos in every meal. However, it is necessary to keep the daily requirements of aminos essential for proper body functioning. The total amount of aminos which our body needs is around 2.2 pounds.

Sources of Aminos

Source of Amino Acids

Essential aminos are available in various foods. Different meat like fish, beef, lamb are best sources of aminos, protein in egg is another good source of aminos.

Nuts are another source of aminos but you can get limited quantity of amino acids from nuts like cashew, pistachio, grains, and beans. If you are a vegetarian, then these nuts and beans are a good source of aminos.

The bottom line
Amino acids are important as building blocks for muscles they help in muscle growth and strength. they also help in improving immunity. if we summarize it, aminos are important for a healthy life, it is necessary to include aminos in your daily diet.

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