Gym Workout In Winter: How Do I Prepare MySelf In Cold

As winter going on, Its not easy for anyone to prepare himself/herself for gym workout, In fact its like combating ourself to get ready for workout. Let me tell you about myself i keep thinking all the day whether i should go or leave today and then as time goes, i keep preparing myself mentally for the evening workout.

The Morning Breakfast


So finally i just wokeup and start confusing myself regarding evening workout but i must take my protein shake as first meal after waking up, and then I take my breakfast. I eat approx 4 eggs, 1 full egg and 3 eggs whites only as i am in my fat loss phase or you can se its a cutting phase. with eggs i usually eat rusk and butter for some carbs and fats as well, all the 3 macros, protein, carbs and fats are important for body to keep going ofcourse but their quantity depends on the goal. Dry fruits / nuts are also very important part of my breakfast specially cashews, wallnuts and almonds for quality calories. Lets keep it short i start with breakfast still i am not sure if i am gonna attend gym today or not 🙂

The Supplements

Supplements are really important sometime if you are not taking proper macros and nutrients from your diet. specially when you are doing strict training for specific goal. Multivitamins and other musle building / fat loss supplements help you out to achieve your goal but you cannot completely depend on supplements, they are just like helpers. You must do your best to have a proper diet and training plan to make supplements work for you. I take CLA, omega-3 and multivitamins with my breakfast usually. CLA works as a fat burner though so i take it 3 times a day upto 3grams a day.

an hours before workout i take a dark coffee which provides me enough caffeine to help me stay focused. and then just 30 minutes before workout i take my last pre workout which is a combination of creatine and l-citrulline supplements. Well you can learn about these supplements on in detail. so i am trying to keep my story short but meaningful.

The Final Preparation


So i am done with all my eatings finally. i didn’t include my lunch and snacks here though, now its 8:00PM and i have to wear gym dress and prepare my protein shake bottle and a water bottle, i drink approx 500ml-1ltr water during my workout, now its time to leave home, as its cold, and its not easy for me to leave home, so sometime i have to motivate myself for gym, so for that i start watching some youtube workout videos which really helped me motivating myself and finally i left home and on my way to gym.

The Gym Workout

gym workout

Finally i arrived at gym, i already planned the workout so i dont need to confuse myself which exercise to do. as i am doing push-pull-legs gym workout routine, which covers my each muscle group twice a week. i feel bit laziness while starting the gym workout, but as i go through exercises then i feel better. Most of my gym mates also have these issues in winter season but according to them Winter is the best season to build muscle however i dont think so because muscle doesn’t care about season, it cares about your training and diet plan. So i dont agree with them 🙂

Final Words

Its difficult to prepare yourself for any kind of workout and you feel lazy about it but trust me when you arrived at gym and started exercises, you will start getting active and you will enjoy your workout. Its better to keep going rather than wasting time. When you have planned a goal, you have to do struggle to achieve it regardless the season and its difficulties. You must have heard “No Pain No Gain” 😉

You can also share your winter gym workout experience in comments we would love to hear that.