Creatine – Effective Supplement For Muscle Building

Creatine is one of the important organic substance which is involved in various actions. It is used as an essential aid by athletes to enhance their performing abilities. Creatine monohydrate supplements are an important part of gym people. Generally, It is best known for its performance in increasing muscle mass and its strength. That is why it is mostly used by athletes.

What is Creatine?


Creatine is a substance that is present in muscles and brain cells naturally. Consequently, it is the main component of muscles and helps muscles to produce energy. This energy helps in performing several activities such as running, weight lifting, and many more. Monohydrate is the most studied form of it.

Use of Creatine Monohydrate as a Supplement

Creatine monohydrate is widely used by body builders to enhance their performance and muscle strength. Creatine monohydrate increases the capacity of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that helps in improving performance.

Chemically, creatine has a similar structure and function as amino acids. Our body produces creatine naturally itself from various amino acids.

Besides creatine supplements, we get it from our daily food as well. The naturally occurring creatine in our body is made from amino acids present in our kidneys and livers.

Creatine helps to improve the performance of athletes. It is also responsible for maintaining better health.

The primary function of creatine is to produce phosphocreatine ( an inorganic molecule) which releases energy during high-efficiency exercise. This extra phosphocreatine acts as a remarkable source of ATP which provides more energy to perform difficult exercises.

Here is how creatine helps in muscle growth:

⦁ Improved working capacity: Creatine helps in boosting the total workload in only one session. This feature of creatine enables it to play a key role in long-term muscle gain

⦁ High rate of hormones: Due to continuous use of creatine, our body starts producing more and more hormones which are involved in building muscles by repairing them.

⦁ Protein breakdown: The use of creatine makes the amino acids bond stronger. Consequently, the protein breakdown lever reduces and muscle begins to gain the extra mass.

Creatine supplements also improve the health of the brain by providing phosphocreatine to the brain cells. This also improves any kind of brain disease.

Increase Muscle Mass And Strength

Creatine has proved to be a very important organic component in short and long-term muscle growth. Without creatine, muscles can not grow to that extent.

Creatine assists people of different ages which includes adults, older adults, athletes, and bodybuilders.

A recent study of two weeks claimed that including creatine as a daily product in the diet increases muscle growth and strength by two times. We can achieve greater muscle strength in a very short period through creatine.

In bodybuilders, creatine can strengthen the muscles and also increase the muscle fibre 2-3 times as compared to training alone.
The total time for working out also increased.

Creatine is marked as the Only Supplement required to increase muscle mass and strength.

Treatment of several diseases

The organic molecule Creatine is also involved in treating several diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and gyrate atrophy (an eye disorder that is responsible for vision loss by affecting the retina).
Rheumatoid arthritis (a well-known disease of joints) has also been treated by using creatine. However, its most visible effects are in strengthening the muscles by improving muscular dystrophy.

Cautions before using Creatine

Creatine has proved to be an amazing component to increase the muscle’s strength and mass. Medically speaking, it is necessary to have a proper check and doctor’s prescription before using any kind of chemical, boosters.

If you have some serious health issues like diabetes or kidney disease, then using creatine is not a good choice. However, if you are facing any heart problem then it is safe for you to use creatine.

Creatine has not been an effective component in improving muscle and brain health in people over 60 years old. So, it is important to have a proper checkup and a doctor’s recommendation to use creatine or any other chemical influencers.

Also, it is safe not to use creatine if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Best way to take creatine

Before starting any kind of medication, it is necessary to consult a practitioner who is trained in using health supplements.

Using creatine as a supplement is a good choice when you are trying to have a proper intake. It is safe to use creatine directed by the doctor or told on the package. Never use any medical product more than is recommended on the package. Excess creatine doses may affect the kidneys heart or liver. You should also take care of your water intake, drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

Precautions before using Creatine

It is necessary to avoid the intake of caffeine when you are on creatine supplements as it can increase the risk of heart stroke or other serious medical disorders.

A lot of people have fallen prey to this strong medication due to their negligence. So, it is always important to have proper know-how for any supplement.

Bottom Line

Creatine is a very useful organic compound in improving muscle strength. However, if you do not take precautions before using it, it can be very harmful to your health causing serious medical conditions.