Biotin For Hair Growth – Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

Biotin For Hair Growth

Your hair is the most essential part of your personality. Having long and shiny hair makes you look beautiful and amazing but unfortunately, now people do not have that beautiful hair because of the poor food they eat and a bad lifestyle. Having beautiful hair is a dream of most people. A lot of people struggle to have dreamy beautiful hair, they try different things to improve hair health. There are a lot of foods and supplements which can help you make your hair look beautiful and shiny. Biotin is one of the most crucial components in hair health.

For a long period of time, people use biotin to improve their health to make them look beautiful. Biotin not only improves the quality of hair but also thickens them.

This article is all you need to know about biotin and its benefits for hair health.

Introduction to the Biotin

Biotin is one of the important biological components and is also known as vitamin B7. The B7 vitamin is popular nowadays in improving hair health and making them grow fast. It has several benefits for our whole body, but its most important advantage is for the hair. Vitamin B7 also provides energy and boosts your body to perform several activities. This biological component also helps us to obtain energy from different nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and others.

Vitamin B7 is also a well-known component to protect our hearts and is helpful to boost our immunity and enhance the brain’s activity to perform functions.

Biotin For Hair Growth

Today biotin is available in different forms such as supplements and can also be used as a component of shampoo. You can also find a lot of biotin in Several foods such as nuts, beans, cereals, and many more. However, biotin is well known to promote hair growth. Whether it is used as a supplement or applied directly on the hair as shampoo, it helps to promote hair growth.

Although biotin has a lot of health benefits, it has not been proven by scientific research yet. Biotin has proved to be more effective in people with its deficiency. However, there are very few people who face the actual deficiency of biotin. The symptom of its deficiency includes hair thinning, making nails brittle, and causing rashes on the skin which is due to the important role of vitamin B7 in the production of keratin.

Foods rich in Biotin For Hair Growth

There are a lot of such foods which are a good source of biotin and other supplementary nutrients. Some of the biotin-rich foods are given below:
⦁ Animal proteins
Animal proteins are a good source of biotin including beef liver, eggs, salmon pork, chop hamburger, Patty fish, and many more. Eggs are a good source of Vitamin B7, but they should not be consumed raw. The reason is that raw egg white can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrient from the food you consume.

⦁ Plants
Green vegetables like spinach are a very good source of biotin which may help to strengthen the roots of our hair and make the hair shiny. Even plant oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are good sources of biotin and make the hair look shiny and silky. Some other well-known plant sources of biotin are sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds. These foods are rich with a lot of essential nutrients that help your body to provide enough fuel.

⦁ Nuts

Nuts are a very essential biological food that provides almost every paramour nutrient required for the body. The well-known nuts are almonds, cashew, and pistachio, which are useful sources of biotin.

In addition to food, our body also makes biotin naturally. This part of production is done by bacteria present in our intestines. However, there is no proper research on gut bacteria for the production of biotin.

Risks and Precautions

Although it is very customary to take biotin in your daily diet as it does not have any toxic effects. The reason is that biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a completely water-soluble component. However, if one overdoses the biotin to have extra effects may fall prey to its side effects

The side effects of biotin include Urination, insomnia, and excessive thirst.

Therefore it is always safe To see a doctor and get a prescription from them to avoid taking an overdose of biotin or any other component essential for our health because we all know that excess of everything is always dangerous.

It is important to talk to your doctor or dietician before adding a new component to your diet.

Bottom line
There is no strong evidence that can support biotin alone to be very effective for hair growth however there are a lot of benefits of biotin which not only help our hair but also our whole body.

Hair thinning is a very serious issue That is sometimes associated with the deficiency of biotin or some other nutrients. It is always necessary to keep your diet with the proper and adequate amount of nutrients.